The importance of a home cannot be underrated. For most New Zealanders this is their primary investment and a professional paint job is required to reflect that. HDL works with you closely to deliver the service you expect. Once the production concept is fully documented, then our job becomes one of “conducting the orchestra”. Clearly defined objectives, good lines of communication with all team members working hand in glove is the key to a successful outcome.

Our QMS (Quality Management System) will have you assured that the job is not only completed to our high standards but yours too, right from planning through to execution.

Our project management process is designed to methodically approach every single project and focuses on sustainable work practices, comprising of the following stages:

Stages Elements

1.       Client Confirmation – Confirm client expectations on:

1.1   Colours

1.2   Site availability

1.3   Project scope of work and specifications

1.4   Timelines

1.5   Site hazard identification and management

1.6   Security requirements

1.7   Site constraints, parameters and rules


  • Confirm selected colours
  • Confirm start date
  • Confirm scope and paint specifications, scaffolding plan, methods of preparation and application
  • Outline each stage and expected completion dates
  • Outline Site Safe requirements
  • Alarms, access control, etc.
  • Confirm morning start times, kids and pets habits and routine, lavatory and wash up access

2.       Project Setup – Initial meeting & Site Induction with Foreman/Lead Painter/Crew:

2.1   Site availability

2.2   Project scope of work and specifications

2.3   Timelines

2.4   OSH

2.5   Security/Site constraints, parameters and rules

2.6   Waste management plan


  • Confirm start date
  • Confirm scope and paint specifications, scaffolding plan, methods of preparation and application, estimate quantities and plan delivery of materials
  • Outline each stage and expected completion dates, including materials required
  • Outline Site Safe requirements; potential hazards, management and control
  • Briefing as outlined above
  • Brief plan

3.       Project QA/QC – Set of processes used to measure & assure the Quality of the service, ensuring services meet consumer expectations


  • Supervise workmanship standards to conform to AS/NZS 2311: 2009
  • Implement and manage Site Safe procedures for Workplace Safety
  • Implement and manage Waste Management Plan
  • Submit regular project progress report
  • Prepare punchlist for possible imperfections or snags.
4.       Finishing Touches
  • Schedule a review walk through with the client near completion to finalize project deliverables.
  • Prepare punchlist and remedy all imperfections.


5.       Site Clean Up
  • Remove all waste as per Waste Management Plan.
  • Ensure all areas are clean and tidy before dismissal.


6.       Site Sign Off
  • Submit Project Quality Completion Check form to client for feedback, Review site with client and complete final sign off.
  • Submit Sign-off and Guarantee Certificate.