New Zealand Education Yearbook 2017

The Principals, Caretakers and Procurement staff across the Education sector are constantly striving to achieve best value for money. Part of the initiative towards achieving best value is forging partnerships with other academic institutions, and with reliable and trusted contractors or suppliers and creating efficiencies through aggregative procurement and the sharing of Best Practice.

Procurement efficiency gains will always remain central – delivering better services and infrastructure for the community both now and for the future. Improved spending solutions are often a result of hard work and initiative. With capable, motivated and passionate Educators and Business Support Staff involved in the procurement process much has, and will continue to be achieved.

Sean Pravin, Managing Director of HDL says; “the company has seen organic growth over the years and its robust systems and processes differentiates itself in the marketplace, but what really counts is a team of professionals who take enormous satisfaction out of making property owners happy.”

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